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Mural20231007_150715 copy.jpg

Cell Theory, Cells: Their Structures and Functions Installation

Ink on paper, ink acetate, pins, Encyclopedia Britannica.

Size variable. 2023

Cell Theory. Detail.

TwoMuralsPinMan_nikon.CROP_2psd copy.jpg

Cell Theory, Fingerprint Pinned Mannequin, 6 4

Ink on paper, ink acetate, pins, sewing mannequin, .

Size variable. 2023

NorthStar. Ink on paper, 55" H x 55" H, 2022

North Star. Ink on paper 55" H x 55" W. 2022

NorthStar. Detail

North Star. Detail

Northstar. Detail. 2022

North Star. Detail

Migrations. Ink on paper. 45" H x 54"L 2021 

Fingerprint Journal, 2013-2015

Fingerprint Journal, June 2014

Fingerprint Mural April May 2015_edited.

Fingerprint Quilt.

Ink on paper,

84" H x 45" W x 10" D. 2015

Fingerprint Mural, April-

Fingerprint Quilt. Ink on paper. Detail

Fingerprint Mural, April-May 2016. 45" H x 84" L. 2016

Fingerprint Mural, April-May 2007. 84" H x 55" L x 24" D. 2007

Fingerprint Mural, April-May 2007. Detail

Fingerprinted Tengucho Sheets: Motion Study. Ink, Tengucho paper, pins, HVAC fan. Size variable, 2007- 2022.

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