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Fingerprint Seaglass Installation copy 2.jpg

Seaglass Installation. Detail. 2024

Valerie Huhn’s approach to her art practice includes  large-scale works which reflect the artist’s concern with social justice for herself and others for whom it remains elusive. Her work reflects on identity – personal, cultural and collective - while introducing themes of freedom, imprisonment, neurodiversity and acts of defiance in the presence of power. Huhn’s mixed media artworks range from sculpture to installation and works on paper, frequently incorporating repurposed or unorthodox materials such as metal fencing, books and furniture. She often reconstitutes unusual materials into vignettes that introduce new narratives while evoking the cultural residue of the materials to achieve overlapping meanings. Working in a repetitive fashion, she meticulously applies paint with her fingertips in sweeping arrangements of lines and shapes, or affixes pins and sequins to found objects to fully cover the surfaces. The result is a dizzying array of patterns and reflections that mediate the difficult knowledge addressed while concomitantly calling attention to the issues at stake.


                                                                                   Jeanne Brasile, Artist / Curator

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